about lectrotab

Lectrotab began when Jere Crews, founder of Cruisair Air Conditioning, decided to design, manufacture and market an improved trim tab system in order to eliminate design flaws inherent to existing electromechanical and hydraulic-based trim tab systems.

Jere had built Cruisair, the first company to offer dedicated marine air conditioning systems, from its humble beginnings in the late 1950s to a multi-million dollar internationally distributed product line.

Jere evenually sold Cruisair in the mid 1990s, and then turned his attention to other areas of the marine industry. The trim tab market intrigued Jere, but he recognized multiple design flaws in the current systems available. Jere set out to create an improved trim tab system that he would back by the superior customer support that had been emphasized at Cruisair.

After much research and engineering patents, Jere created Linear Devices Corporation and began manufacturing Lectrotab trim tab systems in 1997. These innovative systems feature:

  • 12 gauge stainless steel with an integrally formed 12 gauge rolled and pinned hinge to strengthen the tab and eliminate spot welds
  • Dynamic motor braking for instant ram stop and accurate positioning
  • Actuators with no exposed metal parts to eliminate corrosion
  • Internal friction brake which prevents tab movement under all conditions
  • Patented internal self-pressurization system to eliminate negative pressure
  • Patented seal placement to prevent seal damage due to barnacle growth
  • Precision planetary gear box for quiet and efficient operation

Since their introduction to the market, Lectrotab trim tabs, manufactured in Richmond, Virginia, have been distributed worldwide. They are used on all types of boats including pleasure, fishing, commercial, and air boats in a wide range of sizes.

Dan Roberts joined Linear Devices in 2007. Dan began his career in the marine industry as a commercial fisherman and marine mechanic during his high school and college years. He then joined Cruisair in 1986 as a staff engineer and stayed with Cruisair as it grew from a small enterprise to a multi-million dollar corporation.

Looking for someone with extensive engineering, manufacturing, quality control, and corporate experience, Jere asked Dan to oversee the operations of Linear Devices. Dan is now President and majority owner of Linear Devices and personally manages Lectrotab's engineering, production, distribution and marketing.