International Warranty Replacement Program

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Lectrotab is dedicated to honoring its warranty replacement program and has instituted the following process. If you have a customer with a Lectrotab part failure, covered under warranty, please replace it with a similar part from your current inventory. Follow the steps listed below to replace your inventory.

  1. To determine if a Lectrotab part is covered under warranty, please see the “Warranty Period” listed below. All Lectrotab parts have a serial number date code used to determine if the part is still within the warranty period. The actuator serial number is located on the right side of the upper cover. An example for actuators would be “AL09” (L represents the month of November in alphabetical order (skip letter I) and 09 the year). For Oval SETR-61 controls: The 4-digit serial number date code is on the back of the control (Ex: 0623, 06 represents the year and 23 is the 23 week of the year). Other controls have a 4-digit serial number indicating month and year of manufacture (Ex: 0419 – April of 2019). Also, please review the Lectrotab Lifetime Warranty for actuators to determine if an actuator failure is covered under warranty.
    Lectrotab Part Warranty Period (from date manufactured)
    Actuators 5 years for actuators with serial numbers prior to November 1, 2009 (*L09**) Lifetime for actuators with serial numbers on or after November 1, 2009 (*L09**) (For warranty, actuator(s) must be connected to Lectrotab brand trim tab plates, control switch and single actuator per tab systems) 3 years from date manufactured for actuators installed with non-Lectrotab parts or dual actuator per tab systems Australia and New Zealand fall under a 7 year actuator warranty when connected to a complete Lectrotab system
    Oval (SETR) 2 years from date manufactured
    Square w/ LED’s (SLC type) 2 years from date manufactured
    Rocker Switch (SAF type) 2 years from date manufactured
    Auto or Manual Leve Controls (ALC or MLC type) 2 years from date manufactured
    Tabs (T or TA) 5 years from date manufactured
  2. Complete the Warranty Replacement Form on the second page for all Lectrotab parts that are covered under warranty. Add a “–WR” to the end of the Lectrotab part number on this form and send with your next order. The “-WR” will indicated that these parts will be added to your order to replace your inventory.
  3. Please e-mail the information listed below to for warranty replacement parts.
    • Send a description of the problem or symptom of the failure.
    • Send the Lectrotab part number and serial number of the failed part in the photo (see example above).
    • Email a photo of the failed part with serial number (multiple parts may be grouped together).
  4. Part failures due to normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence, non-Lectrotab trim tab system installation, incidental or consequential damages or a failure to follow Lectrotab’ s written installation instructions are NOT covered by this warranty policy.
  5. The warranty policy does NOT cover labor cost, hauling fees or any other associated fees pertaining to replacing the failed part or actuators installed in non-Lectrotab trim tab systems or applications.
  6. Actuator(s) must be connected to Lectrotab brand trim tab plates and control switch to qualify for lifetime warranty. Actuator warranty applies to complete Lectrotab boat trim tab systems only.

August 2019